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"You Might Not Like It, But You Better Get Ready, Because The Lord Is Gonna Move!"

Greetings, Beloved Community!

I'm thrilled to share an inspiring message titled "You Might Not Like It, But You Better Get Ready, Because The Lord Is Gonna Move!" This sermon is tailored just for you—church leaders, faithful congregants, and those seeking Spiritual nourishment. It's a message that reminds us of the unstoppable nature of God's movement in our lives, a truth that resonates through the ages as echoed in the timeless passages of the Bible.

Steadfast Preparation

Remember the epic story of Noah (Genesis 6:9-22)? God called Noah to build an ark. It certainly wasn't a pleasant task; it was labor-intensive and took faith beyond measure. Yet, Noah prepared because he trusted God's word. Friends, we must brace ourselves with steadfast faith—we're called to trust in God's plans, even when the path seems arduous or the instructions unusual. In our modern tasks, this might look like diligent prayer, community service, or unwavering commitment to our faith—no matter the current trends or societal pressures.

Unseen Changes

Consider the transformation of Saul to Paul (Acts 9:1-19). Saul, a fiercely anti-Christian persecutor, met the Lord on the road to Damascus—a meeting that altered his course for a lifetime. Many onlookers might not have liked this change, as it shook the very foundations of their beliefs and prejudices. Thus, we learn that God's interventions are often unexpected yet transforming. As believers, we're encouraged to remain open to changes that the Lord may bring to our life narratives, personal, within our families, or communities.

The Promise of His Presence

When we encounter various trials and hardships, revelations like Isaiah 43:2 stand as a testament that the Lord moves with us through the waters and fires of life—He never abandons us. It might be uncomfortable and challenge our perceptions, but His presence is a promise that empowers us to persevere, making us witnesses to His mighty movement.

Engaging with the Unlikely

The tale of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) captures an unlikely helper engaging in profound, compassionate action. Similarly, the Lord can move in ways that involve unlikely people and situations—circumstances we might not initially appreciate or understand. This teaches us to carry kindness, look beyond first impressions, and prepare to be God's vessels even in the most unexpected moments.


Dear friends, as we prepare for how the Lord will move in our lives and communities, remember: we might not like the discomfort that often accompanies change, but our readiness is not about our comfort. It's about our willingness to be molded and used by God for His grand purposes—to further His kingdom and reflect His unending love.

May we press forward with hearts ready for whatever lies ahead, secure in the faith that "The Lord is gonna move!" Stand firm, pray boldly, and open your spirit to the coming divine shifts!

In shared anticipation and joy,

"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." – Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

May this assurance guide us as we prepare for the Lord's dynamic, divine movement in our lives. Blessings to you all!

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