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Introduction to Your
Online-Only Biblical Counselor

Hello and welcome! My name is Pastor Terry. I'm a retired Pastor with nearly 45 years of Biblical counseling experience. Please see my website at for complete information.


I'm committed to providing compassionate, Scripture-based guidance for individuals and families seeking Spiritual and Emotional support. With a degree in Theology and a ministerial background,

I’ve dedicated my life to merging Faith-based Principles with practical solutions to life’s challenges.

For over four decades, I've served people in their most profound moments of need as a trusted guide and confidant. I've been blessed with the opportunity to support individuals in their journey toward healing, understanding, and spiritual growth.

Please understand that while I am not a Licensed Professional Counselor,

I bring 43 years of deep, enriching experience as a Pastoral Counselor.


My practice is grounded in the wisdom of the Bible, the teachings

of Christ, and the lessons I've learned over a lifetime of compassionate service.

Life can sometimes lead us down paths filled with obstacles, causing Emotional and Spiritual distress. You may be experiencing a crisis of Faith, emotional struggles, relationship issues, or seeking deeper Spiritual understanding. Whatever the cause, know that you are not alone.

My approach to counseling is rooted in the belief that God's Word offers unparalleled wisdom and comfort in all circumstances. Through secure online sessions, we’ll explore Biblical teachings, apply

them to your unique challenges, and work together to find God-honoring solutions to bring peace

and clarity into your life.

Thank you for considering entrusting me with a part of your Spiritual journey. I look forward to the opportunity of walking beside you, guided by the wisdom and love that only the Scriptures can provide.

The best is yet to come!

🙏😀🙏 ~ Pastor Terry Bailey (Retired)


After you have made your donation, I will be emailing

you soon to schedule our one-on-one counseling session.

Tues - Thurs $100 per hour up to 3 sessions

Weekends $150 per hour up to 3 session

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