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Title: "The Light of Courage." (Skit).

Church Skit ( for any age group):


- David: A young, unpopular Christian student

- Mark: A local gang leader

- Mrs. Johnson: A teacher

- Gang Members (2 or 3)

- Students (extras)

Setting: A high school courtyard

[The scene opens with David sitting alone, reading his Bible. Students are milling around, chatting and laughing. Enter Mark and his gang, who are intimidating to the other students.]

Mark: (Boisterously) What's up, everyone! (Notices David) And what do we have here?

[The gang members laugh as Mark approaches David.]

David: (Calmly, without looking up) Good morning, Mark.

Mark: (Mocking) Reading the excellent book, huh? Do you think that stuff's true?

David: (Looking up confidently) I do, Mark. It's changed my life.

[The gang members snicker, but Mark looks intrigued.]

Mark: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah? How's that?

David: It's given me peace and purpose. Even when things are tough, I know I'm not alone.

[Mark scoffs, but there's a hint of curiosity in his eyes.]

Mrs. Johnson: (Entering) Mark, leave David alone, please.

Mark: (Defiantly) We're just talking, Mrs. J.

[Mark turns back to David as Mrs. Johnson leaves.]

Mark: So, you think your God can change someone like me?

David: (Sincerely) I believe He can change anyone willing.

Mark: (Challenging) Prove it.

[David stands, facing Mark with a gentle yet fearless demeanor.]

David: It's not about proof, Mark. It's about Faith. And it's about finding hope and love in a place you might not expect.

[Mark looks taken aback, his stern demeanor wavering slightly.]

Gang Member 1: (Impatient) Come on, Mark, let's go.

David: (Reaching out a Bible) Think about it, Mark. You don't have to walk the path you're on.

[Mark hesitates, then surprisingly takes the Bible.]

Mark: (Gruffly) Fine. I'll think about it. But this doesn't change anything.

[The gang leaves. David watches them go, a hopeful look in his eyes.]

[Scene transition: A few days later, the courtyard is bustling again. David is in the same spot, reading. Mark approaches alone, looking different and less aggressive.]

Mark: (Quietly) David, I... I read some of it. And I, uh... I want to know more.

David: (With a warm smile) I'm here, Mark. Let's start this journey together.

[The skit ends with David and Mark sitting down, opening the Bible together, as the scene fades to black.]

[End of Skit]


This skit portrays the power of Faith and the courage to stand up for one's beliefs, even in the face of adversity. It also demonstrates the potential for transformation through understanding and compassion.

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