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The Rapture?

That is all I am saying :) It's essential to know WHAT you BELIEVE and WHY you BELIEVE it!

Studying the Christian perspective of the Rapture can be a fascinating journey. To gain insight into how this event has been explained throughout history, let’s look at six renowned Christian commentators and their perspectives on the Rapture: pre-1934, two between 1935 and 2000, and two from the 21st century.

First, we turn to a pair of earlier commentators: John Nelson Darby in 1827, who is widely credited with developing the doctrine of pre-tribulationism, and George Eldon Ladd in 1957, who argued that the events associated with Christ’s second coming would take place at once rather than over multiple stages. Both agree that the Rapture will involve believers catching up to meet Christ in the air. However, Darby believed this would occur before the tribulation period, while Ladd claimed it would happen in conjunction with Christ’s second coming.

In exploring more recent views, let’s consider J. Dwight Pentecost from 1974 and Craig Blaising from 2000. Pentecost argued for a post-tribulation rapture but proposed that the Church may benefit from Divine protection during the tribulation period. In contrast, Blaising stressed a pre-tribulation view of rapture which includes a division between physical deliverance and final judgment for believers. While both Pentecost and Blaising agree on some points—such as the bodily Resurrection of believers when Christ returns—they differ in the timing of the Rapture.

Finally, we can look to two 21st-century commentators, Grant Osborne, and John F. Walvoord. Osborne’s view is pre-tribulation but focuses on comfort and hope for believers during the tribulation. In contrast, Walvoord is post-tribulation but stresses that Christ will protect his people from any harm during the trial. Although their views differ significantly, they both agree that Salvation in Christ comes before all else when considering the role of the Rapture.

When comparing early and more modern Christian perspectives on the Rapture, it becomes clear that there are many areas of agreement: such as that:

  1. All believers will be reunited with Jesus upon His return.

  2. And that tribulation will take place.

  3. However, there are still some areas of disagreement, mainly the timing of the Rapture and the protection believers may receive during tribulation periods.

No matter which view is taken on the Rapture, we must recognize that our Faith should ultimately rest upon understanding Scripture. So study, learn, compare—and remember that God’s Word remains our source for Truth about these.

Above all else, we can be confident in His promise to deliver us from evil in whatever form. The Rapture awaits us in God’s perfect timing—may He grant each of us wisdom as we await His coming!

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