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The Coat of Many Colors

The Coat of Many Colors is a powerful story about the power of envy and jealousy. It comes from Genesis 37, when Joseph, Jacob's favorite son, receives a coat of many colors from his father. This coat becomes symbolic in many ways – it symbolizes both Joseph's favoritism among his brothers and their envy towards him.

Let's take a look at this story. In the first verse, we are told that Jacob loved Joseph more than all his other sons. While this is understandable, it speaks to the underlying issue of envy and jealousy among all the brothers, which would eventually lead to Joseph being sold into slavery.

The second verse tells us that Joseph had a dream one night in which eleven stars and the sun and moon bowed down to him. This dream further fuelled his brothers' envy – it was clear that Jacob favored Joseph, but now they felt he was being given more incredible honor than they were.

The third verse tells us that when Joseph's brothers saw the coat of many colors, they hated him even more. This is difficult to understand – why would they hate him for something his father gave him? It was likely because they felt inferior to Joseph – he was their father's favorite, and this new gift only made it more obvious.

The fourth verse tells us that Joseph's brothers plotted against him and sold him into slavery. In this way, the coat of many colors represents envy and jealousy and a darker side of human nature – our capacity for violence and cruelty.

In conclusion, the Coat of Many Colors is an important story that teaches us about the dangers of envy and jealousy. It reminds us that our envy can lead us to sad, dark places if we do not look out for and protect each other.

Look into this story, listen to its message, and learn from it – for in the end, we are all brothers and sisters, regardless of our differences.

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