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The Blessed Arrows: Nurturing the Next Generation.


This is a sermon by Terry W. Bailey, posted on 03/26/2023, on the topic of "The Blessed Arrows: Nurturing the Next Generation." The address begins with an introduction and then discusses the imagery of Psalm 127 and the role of parents and mentors in nurturing the next generation. The following two sections discuss the importance of guidance and the legacy of nurturing the future generation.

Title: The Blessed Arrows: Nurturing the Next Generation

Scripture: Psalm 127:4-5 (NIV)

"Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court."

Introduction: Dear brothers and sisters, I am grateful to stand before you today to share wisdom from the word of God. In Psalm 127, we find a profound truth about the importance of children and our responsibility to nurture the next generation. These verses draw a vivid metaphor of children being like arrows in the hands of a warrior. Today, let us dive into this powerful analogy and examine how we can apply it to our lives as we raise and mentor the future generation.

I. Children as Arrows

A. The Image of the Warrior In the ancient world, warriors were equipped with bows and arrows. They were trained to use their weapons skillfully and efficiently. In the hands of a warrior, an arrow becomes a powerful tool capable of piercing through the most robust defenses. In the same way, children born in one's youth can become powerful forces for good in the world when they are carefully nurtured and guided.

B. The Quiver of Blessings: The Psalmist declares that the man with a quiver full of these arrows is blessed. This blessing is not limited to physical offspring but extends to anyone responsible for raising, guiding, or mentoring a child. Every time we invest in a child's life, we add another arrow to our quiver and thus become partakers of this divine blessing.

II. The Importance of Guidance

A. The Role of Parents and Mentors As parents, teachers, and mentors, we have a sacred responsibility to guide and mold the lives of the children entrusted to us. Our role is to help them sharpen their skills, develop their character, and equip them with the values and knowledge they need to positively impact the world.

B. The Need for Discipline and Love Proverbs 22:6 reminds us to "train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." This training requires a balance of discipline and love. We must be firm yet gentle, guiding our children towards the right path while providing them the support and encouragement they need to grow and thrive.

III. The Legacy of Nurturing the Next Generation

A. A Lasting Impact: Our investments in our children's lives have far-reaching consequences. Our guidance and love help shape society's future leaders, innovators, and influencers. By nurturing the next generation, we can ensure a better world for those who follow us.

B. The Promise of Protection: The Psalmist assures us that those who have a quiver full of arrows will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents. By investing in our children and preparing them for life's challenges, we provide them with a durable foundation to protect and support them as they face the world.

Conclusion: Let us remember the powerful imagery of Psalm 127 and our role in nurturing the next generation. As we strive to guide and support our children and those we mentor, let us take up the mantle of responsibility with dedication and love. In doing so, we are blessed and build a legacy that will shape the future in ways we may never fully comprehend until we all gather together in Glory!



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