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Steps To Salvation

Today, we’ll be looking to Romans 1:28-32. Paul wrote these words to the church in Rome, which are still relevant today. This passage talks about God’s Grace and the importance of Evangelism.

In verse 28, Paul talks about how God gives people over to a depraved mind. Here, we see God’s justice in His punishment for the sin of those who reject him. Then, Paul goes on in verses 29-30 to list out a litany of sins – from sexual immorality to being full of envy and murder – that comes as a result of this depraved mind. It reminds us of the great danger of rejecting God’s Grace and His Word.

Thankfully, though, Paul doesn’t leave us there. Instead, he goes on in verses 31-32 to remind us that through Jesus, we can be Saved from all these sins. Grace is available for all who call on the name of the Lord. Billy Graham once said, “The grace of God means something like this: God approves of you even though you are not good enough and can never make yourself good enough.” Grace is free and available to anyone who will accept it.

This passage should remind us of the importance of Evangelism. As Paul wrote in Romans 10:14, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed?” We can’t rely on others to tell people about the good news of Jesus and His Grace; we have to do it ourselves. We all have a part to play in telling others of His saving grace and inviting them into a relationship with Him.

What is the way of Salvation? We can look to Romans 10:9-10 to answer that question. It tells us that we will be saved if we confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and believe God has raised Him from the dead. When we acknowledge our sins are forgiven (whether we "feel" Saved or not), we become Born Again.

This is the good news of God’s Grace and Salvation that we can share with others. So therefore, let us go forth boldly, proclaiming His love and inviting others to come to Him for Salvation.

May God bless us as we share his good news, and may all who hear turn away from their sins and receive the grace of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Steps to Salvation:

1) Believe - Have faith that Jesus is the Son of God

2) Repent - Turn away from sin and turn toward God

3) Confess - Acknowledge that Jesus is Lord

4) Be Baptized - Show publicly that you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior

5) Live a Godly Life - Follow Jesus’ commands and obey God’s will

6) Receive the Holy Spirit - Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your life

7) Persevere - Remain faithful to God, even in difficult times.

May Grace be upon all who call on the name of the Lord. Amen.

Note: Grace, Salvation, and Evangelism are all prominent themes in this sermon

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