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Sermon Title: What to Do When You Discover You Have Misinterpreted Scripture.


Beloved, today we gather to face a truth that touches each of us on our walk with Christ: the realization that we may have misunderstood a passage of Scripture. It's a challenging moment ripe with the promise of Spiritual growth and deeper insight.

Reflect on Your Approach to Scripture

In reflecting on our approach to Scripture, consider the stained glass of experiences and backgrounds that color our understanding. As someone who grew up in Southwest Alabama, I was surrounded by particular cultural views that shaped my early understanding of the world and, inadvertently, Scripture. It reminds us of the need for the wisdom James speaks of in James 1:5. When we ask for wisdom from God, He generously opens our eyes to a more profound truth untainted by our cultural or personal biases.

Seek External Feedback

Through diverse roles, from the military to the pulpit, I've learned the value of seeking wisdom from others. In Southwest Alabama, it was through open, honest conversations with my family and friends that the Holy Spirit worked to reveal the true meaning of Scripture, breaking down long-held prejudices. This aligns with Proverbs 11:14, which tells us about the safety found in an abundance of counselors. Through these interactions, our collective understanding of God's Word deepened.

Study the Original Text

My theological studies taught me the importance of returning to Scripture's roots. Just as we carefully consider the rich soil and roots of Alabama's mighty oaks, so must we delve into the original texts of Scripture. In doing so, we follow the guidance of 2 Timothy 2:15, ensuring we are not merely surface readers but deep seekers of truth.

Pray for Guidance

In my darkest times, prayer has been a guiding light. In times of confusion or misunderstanding, prayer should be our first response. Like a lighthouse guiding ships in Mobile Bay, prayer guides us through the fog of confusion. Psalm 119:18's plea, "Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law," resonates deeply as we seek divine clarity.

Grow through the Experience

Finally, let us view our misunderstandings as opportunities for growth. Much like the transformation I witnessed in my community back in Alabama, where long-held beliefs were challenged and reshaped through the power of Scripture and the Holy Spirit, we, too, can grow. Romans 5:3-4 encourages us to find joy in these challenges as they develop our perseverance, character, and hope.


As we conclude, remember that misinterpreting Scripture is not a faith failure but an invitation to deepen it. Let us approach these moments with grace, humility, and an unwavering trust in God's guidance. As we walk together in faith, let us support each other in our quest for understanding, always seeking His truth with love and without compromise.


I hope this sermon will resonate deeply with you and inspire continued growth and understanding in your community.

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