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Poem about Joseph's Coat of Many Colors

Joseph was the son of Jacob, A favored child, his father's delight, But his brothers grew jealous of his coat, And their anger burned hot as the desert's light.

They plotted and schemed, those envious men, And stripped Joseph of his coat so fine, Then sold him into slavery and lied, To their father, that he'd met his untimely demise.

Yet God was with Joseph in his plight, And he rose to prominence in Egypt's land, Interpreting dreams for Pharaoh himself, And saving the nation from famine's cruel hand.

Years passed, and Joseph's brothers came, Seeking food in their desperate need, And they stood before their brother, Whom they'd sold and left for dead, indeed.

But Joseph forgave them, and held no grudge, He embraced them warmly, with tears and love, For he knew that God had used their evil plans, To bring about his own great plans from above.

And so the coat of many colors, Became a symbol of God's faithfulness, For even when his children turn against him, He works for their good, despite their mess.

So let us be like Joseph, forgiving and kind, And trust in God's plan, though it may be hard to find, For in the end, his purposes will shine, Like a coat of many colors, woven divine.

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