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Overcoming Persistent Sin.

As a pastor and counselor with a diverse professional and personal background, I understand the profound struggle against sins that dominate your life. These sins cling tightly, making us feel trapped in a cycle of guilt and defeat. In my journey, which includes triumphs over challenges like Alcoholism and other personal battles, I've learned that while these sins can be persistent, breaking free is possible. Today, I offer insights from a Biblical perspective, interwoven with lessons from my life's experiences, to help you overcome life-dominating sins.

Recognizing the Persistence of Sin Despite Efforts to Stop:

I've experienced and seen how a life-dominating sin can stubbornly persist despite earnest efforts to stop. This struggle is not unique, as indicated in Romans 6:1-2, 6-7, 11-13, I Corinthians 6:12, 19-20, and Galatians 5:16-17. The key is not just in resisting but in recognizing our need for divine assistance. My battles have taught me that true strength lies in acknowledging our weaknesses and seeking God's help.

The Impact on Relationships with God and Others:

A dominating sin is often a barrier in our relationships, especially our connection with God. Drawing from my pastoral experiences, I've seen how such sins can consume our focus, leading to damaged relationships and isolation. In my counseling, I emphasize the importance of honesty and openness with ourselves and others as vital steps in breaking this cycle.

Avoiding Excuses and Justifications:

It's a common tendency to make excuses for our sins or justify them. But in my years of counseling, I've learned that this only entrenches us deeper into sin. Accepting responsibility and seeking forgiveness are crucial steps toward liberation from these binding habits.

Shifting Identity Away from Sin to Christ:

In my own life, I've had to fight the belief that my struggles defined me. As believers, our true identity is rooted in Christ, not our sins. This perspective shift is vital for anyone battling a life-dominating sin. In my pastoral teachings, I emphasize the importance of seeing ourselves through the lens of God's love and redemption.

Empowerment Over Sin Through Divine Strength:

Feeling powerless against a life-dominating sin is a common sentiment. Yet, as a pastor who has faced his giants, I can attest that powerlessness is not the end of the story. Access to divine strength through the Holy Spirit and practical steps like accountability and Scriptural meditation are critical to overcoming these struggles.


Breaking free from a life-dominating sin is undoubtedly challenging but a journey worth embarking on. My life experiences, both personal and as a pastor and counselor, have shown me that liberation and renewal are achievable through acknowledging our struggles, leaning on God's strength, and taking practical, faith-driven steps. Let's commit to identifying and overcoming these persistent sins and embracing the freedom and restored relationships that come with true spiritual victory.

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