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Logging and Jesus

This is a 1st for me; I am dedicating this Sermon to Dave Staigle.

In 1980 I was lost, drunken, broken down, and having Blackouts often (for those of you who think like me, because others help me to see it and understand them ). As I cried to God to please send me someone who could lead me back to Him.

Within a week or so, here shows up David Staigle, and it did not take long for Him to lead me to a Saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I left work on Friday as a Sinner and returned on Monday as a Sober Saint, Serving Jesus, Singing Worship Songs, Shouting the Victory, Saint of The Living God! I owe it all to Dave being obedient to Jesus!

Dave has touched many Lives for The Lord through his ministry of song, spoken word, and overall Music Ministry. He has given us a view of Heaven through his strong anointing and has shared and sung to many about the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I Love You, Brother; this one's for you! Thanks for the Memories!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today, I want to talk to you about how logging in to Oregon is like serving Jesus Christ. I know this may sound like an odd comparison, but bear with me, and I hope you will see the existing parallels.

First of all, let's talk about the process of logging. Logging is a challenging job. It requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication. As loggers, you must wake up early, sometimes before sunrise (more like always), and work long hours in harsh conditions.

You have to be mindful of safety and constantly aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents. In addition, logging requires a great deal of physical strength, mental toughness, and willingness to push through when things get tough.

Similarly, serving Jesus Christ takes work too. We must be dedicated, disciplined, and focused on our Faith. We must wake up daily to follow Christ and live a life that honors Him.

We must be mindful of our actions, words, and thoughts to avoid sin and temptation. Serving Jesus requires us to be mentally and emotionally intense and to rely on our Faith to guide us through difficult times.

Secondly, both logging and serving Christ require us to be good stewards. As loggers, you have to be careful not to damage the environment or ecosystem you work. You have to be mindful of your work's impact on the forests and wildlife in them.

As Christians, we are called to be good stewards of God's creation, care for the world He has given us, and be mindful of our environmental impact.

Lastly, logging and serving Christ requires us to work together as a team. Logging is not a one-person job. It requires teamwork, communication, and cooperation to get the job done.

Each person has a specific role and must work together to achieve a common goal. Similarly, serving Christ is something we need help to do. Instead, we need to be part of a community of believers, working together to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, I encourage you to see the parallels between logging in Oregon and serving Jesus Christ. Both require hard work, dedication, and discipline. Both need us to be good stewards and to work together as a team. And both have the potential to bring us great joy and fulfillment.

So, I urge you to continue to live a life that honors Christ and to work together to spread His message of love and redemption to the world around us.


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