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List of differences between Wokeness and Christianity.

List of differences between Wokeness and Christianity:

Beliefs about God: Christianity is centered around faith in God and Jesus Christ as the son of God;

while Wokeness is a social and political movement that does not have a central belief in a deity.

Focus on individual Salvation: Christianity emphasizes the importance of individual Salvation and personal relationship with God;

while Wokeness focuses on systemic oppression and social justice issues that affect marginalized groups.

Views on sin and morality: Christianity teaches that specific actions are sinful and that moral behavior is necessary for Salvation;

at the same time, Wokeness strongly emphasizes intersectionality and the recognition of systemic oppression and privilege.

Approach to forgiveness: Christianity emphasizes forgiveness and redemption through faith in Jesus Christ:

While Wokeness emphasizes accountability and reparations for past wrongs committed against marginalized groups.

Role of personal responsibility: Christianity emphasizes personal responsibility for one's actions and behavior:

While Wokeness emphasizes the role of social and systemic factors in shaping individual behavior and outcomes.

View of human nature: Christianity teaches that humans are inherently sinful and need redemption:

While Wokeness views humans as inherently good but shaped by social structures and power dynamics.

These are just a few critical differences between Wokeness and Christianity, but they illustrate the different approaches and beliefs underpinning each worldview.

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