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Jehovah-Nissi or "God is my Banner.”

Jehovah-Nissi, or "God is my Banner,” is a phrase taken from Exodus 17:16. It refers to the fact that God will protect and sustain His people in times of trouble. It reflects the Old Testament belief that God would be a banner of protection over His people, shielding them from harm and leading them to victory. The phrase also serves as a reminder that only through Faith and reliance on God can one find proper safety and security, regardless of circumstance.

In addition, this phrase emphasizes that when we are struggling with life's problems, no matter what they may be, we should turn to God for refuge and strength. He will provide for our every need and give us courage in times of trial. When we acknowledge Him as our Protector, we can take comfort in knowing that He is always by our side, watching over us.

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