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"Following Jesus in Overcoming Temptation."


Good morning, dear friends! Today, we will talk about a challenge we all face: temptation. We all get tempted to do things that we know aren't right. But did you know that even Jesus was tempted, just like us? Let's dive into how Jesus faced temptation, and His victory gives us hope and a path to follow.

Part 1: Jesus' Temptation - A Model for Us

- Matthew 4:1-11 tells us about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness. He faced three big temptations: the lust of the flesh (turning stones into bread), the pride of life (throwing Himself down from the temple), and the lust of the eyes (being offered all the kingdoms of the world).

- Jesus didn't just resist temptation; He overcame it at three levels: feeling, doing, and heart. He teaches us how to face our temptations.

Part 2: Victory at the Feeling Level

- Jesus shows us that we can control our feelings and desires. He was hungry but didn't let His physical needs dictate His actions. Instead of focusing on Himself, He focused on pleasing God.

- We can follow Jesus' example by shifting our focus from our immediate desires to what God wants. Remember, our feelings don't have to control our actions.

Part 3: Victory at the Doing Level

- When tempted, Jesus responded with Scripture, not as a point of debate, but as a firm stand. He didn't entertain the temptation; He shut it down with the Word of God.

- Hebrews 4:15-16 reminds us that Jesus understands our weaknesses. We can turn to the Bible for strength and direction when facing temptations.

Part 4: Victory at the Heart Level

- Jesus' commitment to obey God showed His pure heart. He didn't allow any space in His mind for Satan's temptations.

- We, too, can cultivate a heart that desires to please God above all else. When we love God deeply, it strengthens us against temptation.

Part 5: Jesus Understands and Helps Us

- Jesus faced all kinds of temptations, just as we do. Hebrews 2:18 tells us that He can help us when tempted because He understands what it's like.

- When we face temptations, we can remember that Jesus has been there. We can ask for His help, knowing He understands and cares.


In our everyday lives, we'll face many temptations. But remember, we're not alone in this. Jesus faced the same challenges and overcame them. He left us an example to follow and a promise that He is with us. Let's pray for strength to resist temptation at the feeling, doing, and heart levels, just like Jesus did. Let's close in prayer: "Lord, help us to follow Jesus' example in overcoming temptation. Strengthen our feelings, actions, and hearts to choose what pleases You. Thank you for understanding our struggles and for being our constant help. Amen."


*** This sermon is designed to provide practical and Spiritual insights into resisting and overcoming temptation, drawing strength from Jesus' example and the Scriptures.

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