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Evangelism: The Three Frontiers – Church, Home, and Marketplace.


Jane, a local youth ministry member, felt burdened for her friends who didn't know Christ. Instead of keeping this burden to herself, she collaborated with the Youth Pastor to organize a special weekend event to address her non-Christian friends' questions about Faith. The result? Three of her friends gave their lives to Christ that weekend. Just like Jane, each of us has a role to play. We all have spheres of influence and should use them to expand the Kingdom of God."

Evangelism isn't just the Pastor's or the Missionary's job; it's a mandate for every Christian. Scripture, Matthew 28:19-20.

Point 1: Evangelism in the Church

- **Scripture**: Romans 10:14

- **Breakdown**: The Church isn't a social club; it's a launching pad for the Gospel. Every sermon preached, song sung, and prayer should align Believers for this great task.

- **Example**: Susan felt she was already doing her part by contributing her voice to the worship team every Sunday. But something stirred in her; she felt God nudging her to go beyond her comfort zone. Instead of simply showing up for choir practice and Sunday services, she started arriving early to sit in the foyer and greet people as they came in. She made it her mission to talk to newcomers, making them feel welcome and loved. One Sunday, a woman named Emily walked through the doors for the first time, clearly nervous and hesitant. Susan's warm greeting and engaging conversation touched Emily deeply. It wasn't long before Emily became involved in a small group and eventually gave her life to Christ. What Susan did may seem small, but to Emily, it was monumental. It's a perfect example of how evangelism can be seamlessly integrated into even the traditional roles we occupy in the church."

- **Practical Tips**:

1. Volunteer in the church's outreach program.

2. Invite friends and family to church events.

3. Share Sunday sermons on social media.

- **Challenge**: Commit to bringing at least one non-believer to church in the next month.

Point 2: Evangelism at Home

- **Scripture**: Deuteronomy 6:6-7

- **Breakdown**: Our homes should be the first mission field. No one should be exempt from hearing the Gospel from our children to our relatives.

- **Example**: Mark and Lisa, a couple in a local congregation, have two teenagers, both of whom were showing signs of straying from the Faith. Instead of merely worrying, Mark and Lisa decided to be proactive. They initiated weekly Family Bible studies focused on real-world issues their kids faced. They weren't theologians but used online resources and books to facilitate meaningful discussions. Fast forward six months, and their kids follow Christ wholeheartedly and are involved in the Youth Ministry, becoming examples for their peers. Evangelism starts at home, and Mark and Lisa testify to that.

- **Practical Tips**:

1. Initiate family Bible studies.

2. Share devotionals with your spouse.

3. List unsaved family members and pray for them consistently.

- **Challenge**: Share the Gospel with one family member you've never had a "faith conversation" with.

Point 3: Evangelism in the Marketplace

- **Scripture**: Colossians 3:23-24

- **Breakdown**: The marketplace—our jobs, schools, and public forums—are fertile grounds for the Gospel. We earn the right to be heard when we act ethically and work diligently.

- **Example**: Let me share the story of Tim, a devout Christian who owns a small construction business. Tim made it a point to conduct all his business transactions with integrity, even when it cost him financially. His commitment to ethical practices did not go unnoticed. One day, a long-time client asked him outright, 'Why do you operate your business this way?' This opened the door for Tim to share his faith and explain that his business ethics directly resulted from his relationship with Christ. That client is now a regular attendee of Tim's church and recently accepted Christ. Tim’s story shows us that your work can be more than a job; it can be a ministry."

- **Practical Tips**:

1. Conduct business transactions with integrity.

2. Use your lunch breaks to engage in meaningful conversations.

3. Display symbols of faith like a cross or Bible at your workspace to prompt discussions.

- **Challenge**: Identify one person in your workplace or community with whom you can share the Gospel.


- **Scripture**: Acts 1:8

- **The Big Picture**: Imagine a society with less hatred, more love, less greed, more giving, less sorrow, more joy. That's the kind of lasting change evangelism can bring. Let's be the change agents God has called us to be.

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