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Christians & Suicide

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Terry Bailey · Shared with the Public My Brother asked me this question, "Do Christians, who commit suicide, go to Heaven?

To answer this, I will avoid opinions, religious manipulations of Scripture, and any effort to try and Preach someone into Heaven!

I am going straight to the Bible, read it for yourself and see which way you are led to believe.

1st, Salvation is not dependent upon works (things we do or do not do); thank you, Jesus! - - - I subscribe to the definition of suicide as "self-murder." Any Christian will tell you that even murderers can be forgiven.

Romans 3:21-23 But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets, 22 even the righteousness of God, through faith in Jesus Christ, to all and on all who believe. For there is no difference; 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

Suicide is not "the“ unforgivable sin. Every sin is forgiven the instance you are Saved! Yes, I mean all of them, past, present, and future! Which includes "self-murder."

God is faithful and just. He will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9)

Now, if you are considering suicide, please seek help immediately. You are not alone, and there is help available. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be contacted 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Don't hesitate to reach out for help. You are loved and worth so much more than you know!

Conclusion: If someone has accepted Christ as their Savior, they are forgiven, even if they commit suicide! That's my story, and I am sticking to it!

The amount of disagreement in my understanding on this subject is centuries old and will continue until The Lord returns! If I err, I hope it will always be so on the side of God's Grace.

I hope this helps, Brother, and thank you for the question.

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