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"Building Our Super Cool Faith Adventure with Jesus."


Hey there, awesome friends! Today, we're going on an amazing adventure, kind of like building the best treehouse or the biggest Lego castle ever, but even better! We're going to learn about growing our friendship with Jesus, step by fun step.

Imagine Jesus is our superhero team leader, and we're his special team members!

Point 1: Discovering Jesus, Our Super Best Friend

Bible Verses: Revelation 2:4-5; Luke 6:46-49; Matthew 7:24-27

What We Can Do:

- Super Memory Mission: Think about the very first time you felt super excited about Jesus. Maybe it was a cool story you heard about Him or a time you felt really happy praying. Draw a picture or write a story about that time. Share it with your family, friends, or even your pet!

- Hero Actions for the Week: Let's each pick one thing that Jesus taught, like sharing, being honest, or helping others, and do it every day this week. Maybe help your sibling clean up, share your snacks, or say something nice to someone who’s feeling blue. Next time we get together, let's share our hero stories and see how we made a difference, just like Jesus!

Point 2: Training to Be Faith Superheroes Every Day

Bible Verses: Ephesians 5:15-16; Colossians 3:23-24; Hebrews 5:14

What We Can Do:

- Daily Hero Deeds: Every day, choose one super kind deed to do. This could be helping mom or dad with chores without them asking, studying hard for school, or playing nicely with your friends. It’s like collecting points in a video game; the more good deeds, the stronger your faith becomes!

- Adventure Stories with Jesus: Start or end your day with a cool story from the Bible. Imagine you're in the story. What would you do? How can you be like the heroes in the Bible today? Share these adventures with your friends or family during dinner or a car ride.

Point 3: Growing Up to Be Faith Superheroes Like Jesus

Bible Verses: Luke 17:10; John 14:15; I Corinthians 13:4-8a

What We Can Do:

- Mission Love Like Jesus: This week, let’s show love just like Jesus would. Maybe make a surprise thank-you card for your teacher, help a neighbor with their garden, or share your toys with someone who doesn’t have many. These are special love missions that make Jesus super happy!

- Evening Superhero Reflections: At bedtime, think like a faith superhero. What good things did you do today? Were there times when you could have been more like Jesus? Talk to Jesus about it, or write it in a journal, or chat with your family about it. Remember, even superheroes learn more each day!


Alright, super friends, let's get excited about this awesome adventure with Jesus! By remembering why Jesus is our super best friend, doing heroic deeds like He teaches us, and growing up to be just like Him, we're not just building strong faith; we're becoming faith superheroes! And the best part? We're on this super cool adventure together with Jesus and all our friends!



This is designed to captivate and motivate young listeners, making the concepts of faith and discipleship relatable and fun, while also encouraging them to share these ideas with others their age.

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