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Getting The Most Out Of Acts Chapter Three.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Before we begin, it's essential to understand the context of this chapter. Acts Chapter Three takes place after the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, which we read about in Acts Chapter Two. The apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness and power. In Acts Chapter Three, we see the apostles continuing to spread the message of Jesus and performing miraculous healing in His name.

With that in mind, let's dive into the study! But first, here are a few questions to guide your reflection on the chapter:

  1. Who are the main characters in this chapter, and what do we know about them?

  • The main characters are Peter, John, a beggar who was lame from birth, and a crowd who witnessed the healing. Peter and John were apostles of Jesus, and the beggar was a man who had been lame since inception and begging for money at the temple gate. The crowd comprised people who had come to worship at the temple.

  1. What happens in this chapter, and what are these events' significance?

  • Peter and John encounter the beggar as they enter the temple, and the beggar asks them for money. Peter responds by telling the beggar that he doesn't have any money, but he does have something even more valuable - the name of Jesus Christ. Peter then commands the beggar to get up and walk, and the beggar is healed instantly. The crowd witnesses the healing and is amazed, and Peter uses the opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

The significance of this event is multi-layered. First, it demonstrates the power of the Holy Spirit working through the apostles. Second, it shows that the message of Jesus Christ can heal and transform lives. Third, it allows Peter to preach the gospel to a large crowd who may not have heard it.

  1. What can we learn from this chapter, and how can we apply these lessons today?

  • One lesson from this chapter is the importance of being bold and confident in our faith. Peter and John didn't hesitate to preach the gospel and perform miraculous healing in the name of Jesus, even in the face of opposition and skepticism. We can also learn the importance of being open to unexpected opportunities to share the gospel with others. For example, the encounter with the beggar was unplanned, but Peter and John were ready to seize the moment and share the message of Jesus Christ.

Another lesson from this chapter is the importance of compassion and generosity to those in need. Peter and John didn't have money to give to the beggar, but they gave him something even more valuable - the healing power of Jesus Christ.

We can also look for ways to serve and help those around us who may be in need, whether through financial assistance, prayer, or other forms of support.

Overall, Acts Chapter Three is a powerful example of the transformational power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we study and reflect on this chapter, may we be inspired to share the message of Jesus with boldness, compassion, and love, and may we look for opportunities to serve and help those around us who may be in need.

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