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Based on Psalm 23

In the vale of shadows, where no light intrudes,

My Shepherd guides me, with His love imbued.

Beside still waters, verdant pastures blessed,

In His embrace, my weary soul finds rest.

Though darkness gathers, I shall never fear,

For with His staff and rod, my Lord is near.

My heart finds courage in His sovereign grace,

His endless mercy lights my darkest place.

A bounteous table, spread before my foes,

With Heaven's manna, my cup overflows.

Anointed with His oil, my spirit soars,

His love and kindness, endless as the shores.

Goodness and mercy, faithful as the dawn, S

hall follow me through life, and e'er beyond.

In His eternal house, my soul shall dwell,

Forever near the One who loves me well.


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