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Augustine of Hippo

A great example of someone from the 2nd Century was a depraved Sinner who found Christ and turned his life around. One example of a person from the 2nd Century who was a sinner but later found Christ and turned his life around is the famous theologian and church father Augustine of Hippo.

Augustine was born in North Africa in 354 AD and grew up in a family that was not particularly religious. As a young man, he became heavily involved in worldly pursuits such as partying, gambling, and sexual promiscuity. He even had a mistress for over a decade and fathered a child out of wedlock.

Despite his mother's devout Christian faith and attempts to guide him toward God, Augustine resisted her influence and lived a life of sin. However, as he approached his thirties, he began to feel dissatisfaction with his lifestyle and a longing for something more meaningful.

In 386 AD, while sitting in a garden, Augustine had a profound spiritual experience that led him to convert to Christianity. He later wrote about this experience in his autobiography, Confessions. Augustine became one of the most influential theologians and philosophers in the early Christian church, influencing the development of Christian doctrine and shaping the course of Western philosophy.

Augustine's life story is a powerful example of how God's grace can transform even the most depraved sinner into a vessel for His glory. His journey from a life of hedonism and vice to a life of faith and service inspires Christians worldwide, and his writings continue to shape Christian theology.

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