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A Shepherd Representing Salvation through Faith in Jesus

Sure, there's a 3-point sermon based on the image of a Shepherd representing Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ:

Title: The Good Shepherd and Our Salvation

Introduction: The image of a shepherd is a powerful symbol of God's care and protection for His people. As we look at this image, we are reminded of the ultimate shepherd, Jesus Christ, who laid down His life for His sheep. We can experience the fullness of salvation and eternal life through faith in Him.

Point 1: The Shepherd's, The shepherd's love for his sheep,heep is unconditional and sacrificial. He will go to great lengths to protect and provide for them. In the same way, Jesus Christ demonstrated His love for us by laying down His life on the cross. Through His death and resurrection, He made us reconciled to God and receive the gift of eternal life.

Point 2: The Sheep's Trust, The sheep, follow the shepherd, trusting that he will lead them to safety and sustenance. In the same way, we are called to place our trust in Jesus Christ and follow Him. He is the way, the truth, and the life, and through Him, we can find the peace and purpose that we long for.

Point 3: The Shepherd's Guidance, The shepherd, leads the sheep to green pastures and still waters. He knows where to go and what the sheep need. In the same way, Jesus Christ is our guide and counselor, leading us on the path of righteousness and showing us the way to abundant life. As we walk in step with Him, we can experience the fullness of His grace and the joy of His presence.

Conclusion: As we look at the image of the Shepherd, let us be reminded of the great love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the ultimate Shepherd who has made way for us to be reconciled to God. May we trust in Him and follow Him, allowing His guidance and counsel to lead us to the fullness of Salvation and eternal life. Amen.

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