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3-Point Explanation of John 1:1-3

Terry Bailey · Shared with the Public

Good morning; today's post, 1/28/2023, is a 3-point explanation of The Gospel of John Chapter 1:1-3.

John 1:1-3 is an essential passage in the Bible. It is a foundational cornerstone to understanding the relationship between Jesus and God, His Father.

The first point of this passage explains that Jesus was with God before anything else existed, even time itself. This establishes Jesus’s preeminence over all creation, making Him the most important figure in Christianity.

The second point of this passage explains that Jesus is a part of God (The Trinity) and that all things were created through Him. This establishes the unity between Jesus and His Father, demonstrating how they are inseparable.

The third point of this passage states that Jesus is the source of life and that all things are made alive through Him. This reinforces the notion that Jesus is more than just a human, but instead someone divine who has the power to give life to all creation.

Through these three points, we can see the importance of John 1:1-3 in revealing God's relationship to Jesus and the power He has over all creation. It reminds us how Jesus should be the center of our lives and how nothing would exist without Him.

Love y'all


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