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**Title: "The Mirror Never Lies, But Do You?"**

Good morning. Today, we will discuss a topic that many of us may find amusing, intriguing, and perhaps a little uncomfortable: Narcissism.

Imagine walking by a mirror and thinking, "Wow, if I were made in the image of God, then God must be really, really good-looking!" Now, chuckles aside, we all know someone who might actually think that. We've all met people who seem to be their own biggest fans, haven't we?

**Humorous Intro**

You might be a narcissist if:

- You think the 'selfie stick' is the greatest invention since sliced bread.

- You believe Moses parted the Red Sea just to get a better look at his reflection.

- You think the Prodigal Son's biggest mistake was not realizing how great he himself was!

**The Serious Side**

But let's pivot for a moment. The truth is, Narcissism isn't just about vanity or self-love taken to the extreme. It's a condition that leads to a lack of empathy, manipulative behavior, and even broken relationships. The Bible doesn't shy away from discussing destructive self-love. In 2 Timothy 3:2, Paul warns us, "People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive…"

**The Need to Repent**

The danger of Narcissism is that it turns us inward, away from our community, our loved ones, and even God. If we're so busy looking at our own reflection, we miss the Divine reflection in others. We miss the call to Love, Serve, and Sacrifice. In a world where self-promotion is often rewarded, it's easy to forget that the essence of Christianity is self-denial and service to others.

The good news is that repentance is available to all, even the Narcissist among us. After all, Jesus said, "For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted" (Matthew 23:12).

So, let us step back from the metaphorical mirror and look outward. Let's consider how we can Serve, how we can Love, and how we can be Christ-like in Humility and Grace.


So, the next time you catch yourself or someone else checking out their own reflection just a little too long, remember: the only image we should strive to emulate is the image of God. And let me tell you, that image looks much like Love, Humility, and Compassion.

Let's pray for the strength to be humble, the courage to serve, and the wisdom to know that we are, all of us, mirrors of God's grace.


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