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The Last Anthem

When the dawn's early light grows dim and faint,

And freedom's chants become a distant saint,

The flag once waved, now limp with heavy sighs,

Beneath the pale of dimming, grieving skies.

The land of the free, home of the brave no more,

With silent voices, and liberties tore.

The anthem that soared o’er mountains and streets,

Lies quiet, in hearts where fear and control meets.

Yet hope, that anchor, in tattered souls resides,

Whispers of valor that time never hides.

A call to the weary, to rise and to stand,

For the promise of freedom, for the love of this land.

Remember, dear brethren, the choices we own,

To ignite the dark skies with the freedom we've sown.

Each note of The Star-Spangled Banner to sing,

For in our unity, our liberty shall ring.

Now is the moment, with courage engrained,

To reclaim the anthem, the freedoms unchained.

Together, as one, we raise a new song,

It's within us, this power, where we truly belong.

What dawn awaits for those who dare to dream,

Of a nation where justice and peace can be seen,

Look forward, press onward, with love as your shield,

In the land where the spirit of freedom is healed.

We stand, we sing, for the truth that we know,

It's us, the citizens, who decide if we win or lose,

May we echo the song of the brave and the free,

And live out the anthem of sweet liberty.

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