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The Difference between Faith and Feelings.

Regarding our relationship with God, there can often be a misconception that our Faith and feelings are intertwined. Ephesians 2:8 tells us, " For by grace you have been saved through faith" – so surely, does this mean we must abandon feelings from the equation altogether? No! A distinct difference exists between feeling something and having Faith in it - one cannot replace or supersede the other.

In this blog post, I delve into why this distinction exists and why both elements play an essential role in maintaining a healthy Spiritual life. So join me as I explore the intricacies of connecting with God based on your unshaken Faith and evolving emotions!

* Understanding Faith and Feelings - what are the differences between these two concepts, and why is it important to recognize them?

Understanding Faith and feelings requires a careful examination of both concepts. While they may seem similar at first glance, Faith is rooted in belief and trust in a higher power, while feelings are the emotions we experience due to our thoughts and actions.

Recognizing the difference between the two is essential, as relying solely on our feelings can lead us astray from what we believe to be true. On the other hand, Faith can provide us with a sense of grounding and stability, even when our emotions are in turmoil. We can better understand ourselves and the world by acknowledging the distinction between Faith and feelings.

* Examining our Feelings - how can we better discern when our feelings don't align with God's will?

In our journey through life, it's normal to experience a range of emotions - joy, sadness, frustration, delight, and everything in between. But as we seek to live a life pleasing to God, we must examine our feelings and make sure they align with His will. It's not always easy to discern when our emotions are leading us astray, but with practice and prayer, we can recognize those moments when our thoughts and actions are out of sync with God's plan.

So let's embrace our feelings and remain vigilant, asking God for the wisdom to discern what is of Him and what is not. Remember, examining our emotions isn't about being perfect but becoming more aligned with God's will for our lives.

* The Power of Faith - why Faith is more potent than Feelings, even in difficult times.

Faith's immense power often exceeds emotions, especially in challenging moments. When dealing with hardship, our feelings can sway us in different directions, causing us to feel uncertain or overwhelmed. However, Faith is a guiding force that can remind us of our strength and purpose, even when everything seems doubtful.

It's essential to recognize that having Faith doesn't mean we won't feel pain or sadness, but it offers us a comforting presence in our struggles. Whether through prayer, meditation, or simply holding onto hope, Faith can give us the courage to persevere through any obstacle. Faith reminds us that we're not alone and that something greater is at work.

* Taking Action - how to put your Faith in Action by doing works of ministry and justice.

Taking Action is a crucial step in putting your Faith into practice. As believers, we must hold onto our beliefs and act on them. Sometimes that means getting involved in ministries or actively seeking opportunities to serve the less fortunate. Other times it means advocating for justice in your community or speaking up for the oppressed.

Whatever your passion, there is always a way to put your Faith into Action. Taking that first step can be daunting, but remember that every small act can make a big difference. So, let's join together and put our Faith into Action through works of ministry and justice, positively impacting the world around us.

*He is relying on God's Strength - understanding that even if you don't feel like it, God will always be there to draw strength from.

Life throws us curveballs that can make us feel weak and helpless. But as believers, we know we can always rely on God's strength to carry us through. Even when we don't feel like we can go on, God's unwavering love and power always lift us.

We may not know the future, but we can trust that God has a plan for our lives and will never abandon us. So let us take comfort that we are never alone and that God's strength is always available to us, no matter our challenges.

* I was reflecting on Ephesians 2:8-10 - applying Biblical text to real-life situations.

Reflecting on Ephesians 2:8-10 can be a powerful reminder of the grace we have received as believers. This passage shows us that we are saved by Faith, not by our good works. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we must earn our salvation, but this passage reminds us that it's a gift we receive through Faith in Jesus Christ.

Applying this text to real-life situations means recognizing our limitations and imperfections and trusting God's grace to make up for them. In addition, it means extending that same grace and love to those around us, even when they don't deserve it. Reflecting on Ephesians 2:8-10 can lead to a more humble, grateful, and Christ-like perspective on life.

Faith and feelings can be powerful tools for guiding our faith journey. Ultimately, we must discern when our immediate feelings do not align with God's will and rely on Faith when necessary. Remembering Ephesians 2:8-10, that we are saved by Faith alone and not by feelings, can help us stay strong in difficult times.

No matter what happens, it is essential to have Faith that God will always be there for us as long as we keep Him in our hearts. We may not always feel motivated or empowered, but having Faith and relying on God's strength will help guide us toward doing the work of justice He has called us to do.

Trusting in Him gives us the courage and perseverance to fulfill His commands faithfully. Be blessed and happy journeying!

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