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Jonah and The Big Fish

In ancient tales of long ago,

There lived a man who dared to go,

Against the wishes of the Lord,

And fled his home without a word.

His name was Jonah, brave and bold,

But soon he found himself in cold,

And stormy seas that tossed and turned,

His shipmates prayed, while Jonah learned.

For he had disobeyed the Lord,

And tried to run, but could not afford,

To flee his fate, and so he knew,

The Lord would punish him anew.

And so a great big fish appeared,

And swallowed Jonah, who was feared,

But in its belly, he did find,

A place to pray and ease his mind.

For three long days and endless nights,

Jonah sought forgiveness and light,

And when the fish had spit him out,

He knew what he must do, no doubt.

He went to Nineveh, as told,

And preached repentance to young and old,

And though it was a daunting task,

Jonah fulfilled his faithful ask.

And so we learn from Jonah's tale,

That even when we try to bail,

The Lord is there to guide us right,

And show us what we need to fight.

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