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Choosing Children as a Career Calling

Just thinking about,

A young woman so wise

Chooses her life's prize

She puts aside the big career dreams

To care for children and make them gleam

Her choice is not always easy to make

But she knows that family comes first in every wake.

The joys of motherhood outweigh any paycheck

As her home is filled with laughter and grace.

Sacrifice, she knows all too well

But it's a calling she cannot quell.

The good of raising children outweighs the cost

Knowing that their future is never lost.

To be a stay-at-home Mom for her Career choice

A bold decision that only she could rejoice.

Her strength and courage are all that will matter

As her family prospers in this newfound chapter.

It's not an easy road, but one worth taking

Where memories, peace and love will never be shaking.

So here's to the young woman who chose the path less traveled

With love, honor, and devotion that was unraveled.

An inspiration to many and role model of a kind

On her journey as a stay-at-home Mom for her career choice she will find.

Produced by: Terry W. Bailey

Totally from my heart, but it was my computer that made it rhyme

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