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Anoint my head with oil?

Psalm 23:5 says, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows."

In Biblical times, shepherds anointed their sheep with oil for several practical reasons:

1. **Protection from Insects**: Sheep are particularly vulnerable to flies and insects that can irritate or even lay eggs in the sheep's ears and nose. The oil would act as a repellent, keeping the insects away and protecting the sheep from these harmful pests.

2. **Healing Wounds**: The oil served as a soothing balm for wounds and cuts that the sheep might incur. Its healing properties help prevent infection and promote healing.

3. **Prevention of Diseases**: Shepherds could prevent diseases like "scab," a contagious skin disease common among sheep, by applying oil to the sheep's head.

Translating this practice into human benefit, the anointing with oil symbolizes several profound spiritual truths:

1. **God's Protection**: As oil protects the sheep from pests, God's anointing protects us from Spiritual and emotional harm. It represents God's care and provision, keeping us safe from the "pests" of life—troubles, anxieties, and evil influences.

2. **Healing and Comfort**: The anointing oil symbolizes healing and comfort. In times of suffering or distress, God's presence and anointing bring relief and restoration. It is a reminder of God's healing power, providing us with the strength and peace to overcome our wounds, whether they are physical, emotional, or Spiritual.

3. **Consecration and Blessing**: Anointing with oil is also a sign of consecration and blessing. In Biblical tradition, anointing someone with oil often marked them as chosen and set apart for a particular purpose or role, such as kings and priests. For believers, this symbolizes being chosen by God, blessed, and filled with the Holy Spirit to fulfill a unique purpose in life.

In essence, the practice of anointing sheep with oil highlights God's meticulous care, protection, and healing for His people. It reassures us that, like a good shepherd, God watches over us, heals our wounds, and blesses us abundantly, ensuring that our "cup overflows" with His goodness and mercy.

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