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Why Christians Are Persecuted.

"I am the Way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - John 14:6

"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." - Acts 4:12

"The works of the law do not justify a person, but by faith in Jesus Christ." - Galatians 2:16

Today, we explore a question that echoes in the hearts of many: Why are Christians persecuted? Indeed, this is not a question of mere curiosity but one that touches the core of what we, as followers of Christ, uniquely believe—which distinguishes us from all other faiths.

In our time together, we will walk along the Scriptures, drawing strength and wisdom from the Word as we peer into the depths of this profound inquiry.


What does standing firm in your beliefs mean when the world seems opposed to the very principles you cherish? Christianity, with its radical departure from the worldview of 'many paths leading to God,' invites both wonder and, unfortunately, hatred.

Key Bible Verses

Three verses lay the foundation for understanding the heart of the Christian faith, which subsequently becomes the heart of its conflict with the world:

  • In John 14:6, we are told of the exclusivity of Christ being the only Way to the Father.

  • Acts 4:12 affirms that uniqueness declaring Salvation exists in no one else but Jesus.

  • Galatians 2:16 clarifies that justification before God is not by works or law but through Faith in Christ alone.

Differences in Beliefs

Our beliefs as Christians are distinct and often at odds with the relativism of modern religious thought. While many preach a gospel of pluralism and human effort, we cling to the Grace of Christ, and it is this uncompromising conviction that can lead to persecution because it counters the prevailing narrative of self-salvation and subjective truth.

Reasons for Persecution

Persecution often arises from our commitment to these truths:

  • The exclusivity of Salvation through Christ is at odds with a world that favors inclusivity at the cost of truth.

  • Our rejection of pluralism does not sit well in a society that values a diversity of 'truths.'

  • Our tenets often contradict societal norms and the shifting moral compass of the times.

Biblical Perspective on Persecution

Throughout Biblical times, followers of the Way have faced ridicule and harm. But consider this, dear friends: Such trials are for our strengthening, like gold refined by fire.

We look to Jesus, Paul, the apostles, and countless saints who wore their scars as badges of honor, understanding that our testimony shines brightest in persecution.

Illustrative Stories

In our modern context, we see our brothers and sisters face various forms of oppression:

  • Challenges to free speech on social media platforms,

  • Discrimination in the workplace for holding Christian values

  • And dire threats in parts of the world where proclaiming Christ might even mean risking one's life.

Yet, in these trials, a resounding echo of faithfulness transcends boundaries and eras.

Scriptures on Persecution

Remember the beatitudes, where Jesus proclaims a blessing over the persecuted. Recall His words in John 15, encouraging us to find solace in His sufferings.

But also, recall the message of hope in Romans, to respond not with bitterness but with blessing upon those who oppose us.


The story of Christianity is woven with the threads of trial and triumph—not one without the other. Therefore, we rejoice, not because suffering is pleasant, but because it is purposeful and aligns us with the crucified and resurrected King.

And as we exit these doors, we exit as beacons of His love and truth, carrying this treasure in jars of clay, confident in the power of the One who has overcome the world.

Take heart, stand firm, and remember that you are never alone. God is with us, my dear friends, every step of this holy pilgrimage.

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

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