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Welcome to my Pastoral Counseling Services

For over four decades, I've served people in their most profound moments of need as a trusted guide and confidant. I've been blessed with the opportunity to support individuals in their journey toward healing, understanding, and spiritual growth.

Please understand that while I am not a Licensed Professional Counselor, I bring 43 years of deep, enriching experience as a Pastoral Counselor. My practice is grounded in the wisdom of the Bible, the teachings of Christ, and the lessons I've learned over a lifetime of compassionate service.

While I offer my services on a donation basis, I kindly suggest a donation for each session. This is not a fee but an invitation to engage in a mutual exchange that honors the value of the counseling experience.

In my years of counseling, I've found that those who invest in their healing journey often appreciate it more, benefit from it more deeply, and are more likely to commit to the process of growth and transformation.

This is not about being a 'Minister for Hire', but rather about being a committed partner in your journey of self-discovery and healing. The suggested donation helps support the continuity of this service and ensures that I can continue to extend my assistance to those who need it most.

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