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Notes: 1. **Original: All of God's Word is TRUTH (Psalm 119:151, 160)** - **Reworded**: Every part of God's Word embodies truth. - **Breakdown**: This verse emphasizes the infallibility and reliability of God's Word. Everything written in the Scriptures is rooted in truth and serves as a guiding principle for life.

2. **Original: The Gospel of Salvation is TRUTH (Ephesians 1:13)** - **Reworded**: The message of Salvation is genuine and trustworthy. - **Breakdown**: This verse speaks to the Gospel's integrity—the message of Jesus Christ and His role in Salvation. It reassures believers that the message they have put their faith in is accurate and dependable.

3. **Original: You are brought forth by the Word of TRUTH (James 1:18)** - **Reworded**: You come into spiritual existence because of the true Word of God. - **Breakdown**: This statement refers to the transformative power of God's Word. It's not just words on a page but can change lives, give spiritual birth, and bring people closer to God.

4. **Original: You are to handle accurately the Word of TRUTH (II Timothy 2:15)** - **Reworded**: You should interpret and apply God's Word precisely and carefully. - **Breakdown**: This appeal is particularly poignant for teachers and ministers but applies to all believers. It suggests that one should diligently study and correctly interpret the Bible, not twisting its message but conveying its truths accurately.

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