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Title: The Good Shepherd's Promise: Understanding John 10:10 for Children.

Do you remember the story of the Good Shepherd from the Bible? Today, we're going to explore a significant line from that story - John 10:10, which says, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." This sentence has deep meanings, but don't worry, we will go through it together so you can understand it better.

First, let's paint a picture. Imagine a quiet, peaceful sheep pasture on a beautiful sunny day. The sheep are happily grazing under the watchful eye of their good shepherd. Then suddenly, a sneaky thief jumps over the fence, trying to steal the sheep. The thief doesn't care about the sheep's happiness or well-being. He only wants to take what isn't his, cause trouble and even hurt the sheep.

In this story, Jesus is like the good shepherd; we are his sheep. The thief represents anything that can harm or take away our joy, peace, or love. This could be bad decisions, negative thoughts, or unkind actions. These "thieves" can sometimes make us sad, hurt, or feel empty inside.

But here comes the best part! Jesus, our good shepherd, says, "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." What does that mean? It means Jesus came to give us a life filled with joy, love, and peace. Not just a little bit, but a lot! When we say "life to the full," it's like having a cup overflowing with your favorite drink. It's enough to make you feel happy, loved, and fulfilled.

How does Jesus give us this whole life? He does it through His Bible teachings, the love and forgiveness He offers, and the Holy Spirit. He teaches us how to love one another, forgive, and live in a way that brings joy and peace. He's like the good shepherd who protects his sheep from the thief.

Even when we make mistakes or face difficult times, we can remember that Jesus is there. He helps us learn from our mistakes and comforts us in trouble. Just like the good shepherd who doesn't abandon his sheep when the thief comes, Jesus doesn't leave us when things get tough.

So, whenever you think about John 10:10, remember you're like a little sheep in Jesus's big, loving pasture. Even though thieves might try to steal, kill, and destroy your joy and peace, Jesus, your Good Shepherd, is always there to protect you and give you a full, joyful, and peaceful life.

Isn't it wonderful to know we have a shepherd like Jesus? So, let's follow His teachings and live a life full of love, peace, and joy, just as Jesus wants us to.

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