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The Parable of the Seeds and the Gardener - Explaining Abortion

There once was a diligent gardener known throughout the land for his wisdom, skill, and garden beauty. He cultivated many plants, flowers, and trees, each with a chance, unique purpose, and beauty. As a result, the garden was full of life and diversity, reflecting the careful work and attention of the gardener.

One day, a young apprentice was assigned to learn from the wise gardener. Excited yet inexperienced, the apprentice was eager to help maintain the garden and learn the secrets of the gardener's success.

In time, the gardener trusted the young apprentice with a particular task. He gave him a bag filled with various seeds, explaining, "Each of these seeds has the potential to grow into a plant that will bring beauty and purpose to our garden." The apprentice, eager to prove his worth, quickly planted these seeds throughout the garden. As the days passed, he noticed that some roots were growing faster than others. Some sources didn't seem to be growing at all. Thinking of some roots, these slower seeds were a waste of space, decided to remove them from the garden.

When the gardener saw what the apprentice had done, he was saddened. But, he explained, "Every seed, regardless of how fast or slow it may grow, has the potential to bring beauty to our garden. Therefore, we must not judge their worth based on their current state but their potential life."

The apprentice realized his mistake and apologized, promising to care for all seeds, regardless of their growth rate. He learned to respect the potential within each source, understanding that each had a unique role to play in the garden's grand design.

Just as the gardener understood the value of each seed, we are reminded to value each life from its conception. Every life has unique potential and purpose, and we should not judge its worth based on our limited understanding. Instead, we must respect and protect the sanctity of life, acknowledging the divine potential within.

Thus, in the grand garden of life, every seed - every life - is precious and should be given a chancethe impatient apprentice to grow and flourish in its own time.

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