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Silent Aspiration And The Concept Of Sin.

My last hospital stay was due to "Silent Asperations." I went to sleep fine, woke up, and called 911. By the time they arrived, I was unresponsive and remained so for 3 1/2 days. I spent nearly a week in ICU. This happened so fast, without warning, it reminded me of how Sin works in our lives.

To that end, I offer the following comparisons between Silent Aspirations and Sin:

The condition of Silent Aspiration and the concept of Sin can serve as intriguing types for each other in several ways:

Stealthy Onset: Just as Silent Aspiration can occur without immediate outward symptoms, Sn often creeps into our lives quietly. It may not be immediately apparent that something harmful has entered our Spiritual 'system,' much like food or liquid entering the lungs without causing a cough or choking.

Long-Term Consequences: Silent Aspiration can lead to severe complications like Aspiration Pneumonia if not addressed, similar to how unrepentant Sin can lead to Spiritual death. In both cases, the full impact may not be felt immediately but can be devastating over time.

Need for Intervention: Both Silent Aspiration and Sin require intervention for resolution. Medical professionals and various therapies are essential for managing Silent Aspiration. Similarly, Spiritual guidance, repentance, and, ultimately, the saving Grace of Jesus Christ are needed to resolve Sin.

Continuous Vigilance: Just as someone with a predisposition for Silent Aspiration must remain vigilant in their habits and treatments, so must believers remain vigilant against the temptations that lead to Sin. Vigilance and constant self-examination are required to prevent both Physical and Spiritual harm.

Community Support: In dealing with Silent Aspiration and Sin, the support of a community (medical professionals, family, and church members) is often essential for effective management and healing. In my case, having 24/7 medical care is a form of worldly salvation from the condition, much like the church provides Spiritual 'care' to its members.

Grace and Redemption: Finally, just as medical interventions can offer a chance at a more normal life to someone suffering from Silent Aspiration, the Grace offered by Jesus Christ provides the only opportunity for Spiritual rebirth and Eternal Life for those suffering from the condition of Sin.

*** I hope this helps you understand the insidious nature of Sin and the urgency of Spiritual Salvation.

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