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Revelation 13 (For Children).

Revelation 13 tells us about two beasts. The first beast resembles a lion, with a leopard's body and a bear's feet. However, this beast has seven heads, each with blasphemous names, and ten horns with crowns.

The second beast looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. This beast uses the power of the first beast to convince people to worship it and make an image of the first beast to honor it.

Revelation 13 teaches us that we should always follow God instead, no matter how powerful something looks or sounds. It encourages us to live out our faith no matter the opposition or cost. We should be courageous and serve God wholeheartedly, even in adversity.

Although taking a stand for what is right can be scary, we should never give in to fear but instead rely on Jesus' power and strength to help us stand firm in our faith. Revelation 13 also reminds us that no matter how tempting it may be to look up to false gods and idols, we should always trust God and follow Him alone.

In doing so, we can better understand His will for our lives and experience true peace and joy. By living out the truth of Revelation 13, children can become a witness of God's power, demonstrating faith in the face of overwhelming odds.

They can also learn to trust God and rely on Him in all things, knowing that He will always be with them. Ultimately, Revelation 13 encourages children never to give up hope and to strive for holiness as they seek to serve the Lord faithfully.

The message of Revelation 13 will stay with us and guide our lives, reminding us that we should always look to the Lord for strength, courage, and guidance. It is a reminder of God's faithfulness and promise to protect those who trust Him.

By understanding this passage, children can be inspired by its message as they strive to remain faithful to God and live out His Word in their day-to-day lives. So may we all learn to be courageous, seek God's will, and always trust Him — no matter the cost.

The God of heaven never fails! Praise be to Him!


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