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Proverbs 12:1.

Proverbs 12:1 "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid."

This verse is a proverb that highlights the importance of discipline and correction in acquiring knowledge and wisdom. So let's break it down further:

"Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge."

The first part of the verse suggests that discipline is necessary for gaining knowledge. Domain refers to training or controlling oneself to improve behavior or develop a particular skill.

In the context of this verse, discipline refers to the willingness to learn and grow, to accept guidance and correction, and to work hard to achieve one's goals. Those who love the field understand that it is essential for acquiring knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, they are willing to try to learn and grow, even if it requires discomfort or sacrifice.

"but whoever hates correction is stupid."

The second part of the verse contrasts those who love discipline with those who hate correction. Correction refers to pointing out errors or faults in someone's behavior or thinking to help them improve.

Those who hate discipline are resistant to feedback and unwilling to acknowledge their mistakes. They may think they already know everything they need to know, or they may be afraid of admitting their shortcomings. The verse describes such people as "stupid," meaning they lack common sense or practical wisdom.

Overall, Proverbs 12:1 emphasizes the importance of having a teachable spirit and a willingness to accept correction as a critical ingredient for gaining knowledge and wisdom.

Those willing to embrace discipline and correction are more likely to achieve their goals and become wise, while those who resist such guidance are more likely to make mistakes and miss out on growth opportunities.

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