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Prayer based on Genesis Chapter One.

Heavenly Creator, who spoke the universe into existence, we come before You in awe of Your magnificent power and divine wisdom.

In Genesis Chapter One, You revealed the beauty and order of Your creation, bringing forth light and darkness, land and water, plants and animals. You blessed this world with the richness of life, and in Your image, You created humankind to dwell in harmony with all You have made.

As we reflect upon Your handiwork, we pray for a deeper understanding of our role as caretakers of this Earth and for the grace to uphold our responsibility with love and respect. May we honor the gift of life in all its forms and be mindful of the interconnectedness of Your creation.

Teach us to embrace the diversity and wonder of the world, live in unity, and celebrate the abundance of Your blessings. Help us to be wise stewards of Your creation, using the resources You have provided with gratitude and care.

Lord, we are humbled by Your boundless love and design splendor. Fill our hearts with awe and gratitude for the gift of life, and guide us as we strive to live in harmony with Your creation.

In Your holy name, we pray.


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