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Pray Anyway!

How Not To Be Discouraged When Laying On Of Hands Doesn't Seem To Work When Praying For Healing.

Dear beloved,

Today, I wish to share a message of unwavering faith that resonates with hope amidst trials, especially when confronting the poignant healing issue. The tender words from James 5:14-15 remind us that when sickness overshadows, the body of Christ should rise in unity to offer prayers of faith.

Life often presents us with moments that press heavy on our faith, like when earnest prayers and the laying on of hands don't result in immediate healing. We may question, "Why?" We may wonder if our faith is insufficient or somehow failed.

But beloved, I urge you not to lose heart.

James 5:14-15 - A Deeper Understanding

At a glance, the passage from James seems to assure a direct formula: prayers plus anointing equals healing. Yet the true essence of these verses lies in submission to God's sovereign will and the community's collective faith. Physical or otherwise, healing is part of the larger tapestry of God's redemptive plan.

The laying of hands is not a mere symbolic act but a conduit of God's power, a beautiful manifestation of the Spiritual connection within the Church. But God's ways are mysterious. Sometimes, the healing we pray for extends beyond the physical—we are healed from Spiritual maladies, brokenheartedness, and other wounds unseen to the human eye.

Unseen Victories

Allow me to share a personal story with you. There was once a dear brother in Christ whom we diligently prayed for, seeking physical healing. Despite our prayers, he was called home to the Lord. In grief, we wondered why our prayers seemed unanswered. Only later did we learn how these very prayers brought reconciliation in his family and a deep peace to his heart in his final days—a healing narrative that ran more profound than the physical.

Faith Beyond Sight

My friends, while it is natural to feel discouraged when we don't see the results we yearn for, our faith must look beyond what is seen. "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see," Hebrews 11:1 tells us.

Enduring Trust

Our part is to remain steadfast, to keep praying, and to maintain our trust in God's perfect timing. Remember, the God who raised Lazarus from the dead is with us today. His promises are true, and His compassion never fails.

Prayer Offered In Faith

James doesn't tie God's hands to a singular outcome when he refers to the "prayer offered in faith" that will heal the sick. It is about trusting that the Lord will raise up the individual in the way He knows best. It assures us of God's active presence and ultimate authority over every circumstance.

Final Encouragement

Therefore, beloved, do not be discouraged. Your prayers are powerful and effective (James 5:16). Stand firm in your faith, and rest in the knowledge that each prayer is heard, each tear is seen, and God's loving response envelops us, even when unseen.

In Christ's enduring love and grace,


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