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Praise and Worship Song for 05/17/2023

(Verse 1) In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where stars are born and die, You flung a billion galaxies across the midnight sky. Mountains high, oceans deep, in Your image we are shaped, In every whisper of the wind, Your grand design is draped.

(Chorus) Creator God, we sing Your praise, In awe of the wonders Your hands have raised, From the sun's first light to the moon's soft glow, You are the Artist, the world Your tableau.

(Verse 2) From the smallest seed that grows into a towering tree, To the changing of the seasons, in all its majesty. You painted the morning sky with hues of gold and red, A testament of Your love, by which we are led.

(Chorus) Creator God, we honor Your name, In every sunbeam, every drop of rain. In every bird's song, in every child's face, We see the beauty of Your infinite grace.

(Bridge) In the silence of the night, we hear Your voice so clear, Echoing in our hearts, "Do not fear, I am near." From the highest peak, to the valley low, Your love is the greatest truth we know.

(Chorus) Creator God, we stand in awe, Of the world You shaped, free from flaw. Your glory shines from the heavens above, In every heartbeat, we feel Your love.

(Outro) So we sing, we dance, we lift our hands high, Underneath Your canopy, the vast starry sky. Praise to You, the Master of Creation, Our voices united, in love and adoration.

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