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Poem of The Day, 05/17/2023

In the beginning, when God was alone,

A divine whisper gave birth to the unknown,

In His image, the cosmos was intricately sewn,

From the vast heavens to the earthly stone.

In the womb of the void, He sparked a light,

Separating day from the comforting night,

Thus, commenced the celestial flight,

An orchestra of stars, a breathtaking sight.

He fashioned the sky, a celestial dome,

Underneath which life would soon find its home.

Then the lands, like a poet's thoughtful tome,

With mountains and valleys, where creatures could roam.

From His breath, the seas began to sway,

Carving shorelines in a delicate ballet.

From those waters, He sculpted clay,

And breathed life into man, in the light of day.

The sun to govern the day, in radiant gold,

The moon for the night, a story untold,

Each creature, from the meek to the bold,

In their hearts, His love they hold.

Fruitful trees and verdant grass,

Blooming flowers as seasons pass,

In the land's mirror, the sky's blue mass,

Creation reflecting in God's looking glass.

Birds painting the sky, beasts roaming the earth,

Underwater marvels given birth.

All of creation in an endless mirth,

Echoing praises of their divine hearth.

A garden called Eden, a paradise found,

Where man and woman were divinely crowned.

In their hearts, God's commandments resounded,

In their hands, the stewardship of creation, unbounded.

God saw it all, and it was good,

A symphony of love, perfectly understood.

In humble silence, creation stood,

In awe of the craftsman, in His holy hood.

Creation's story, in Scripture's verse,

Speaks of a love, profound and diverse.

For through His word, the universe,

God's love and power, forever converse.

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