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Notes on Self-belittlement, Self-exaltation, and Self-pity

As human beings, it is natural for us to have thoughts about ourselves. However, when these thoughts become self-belittlement, self-exaltation, or self-pity, they consume us and hinder our ability to grow into Christlike individuals.

Therefore, focusing solely on ourselves goes against God's command to love Him and others.

When we are preoccupied with ourselves, developing a servant attitude like that of Jesus becomes almost impossible. Jesus was a servant to others, constantly putting their needs before his own. We can learn much from his example and strive to serve those around us.

In Matthew 10:34-39, Jesus teaches us that we must be willing to die for His sake. This means letting go of our desires and focusing on what God wants. We can't save ourselves by focusing solely on ourselves - in fact, we will only end up losing our lives if we try to do so.

Instead, we should follow Jesus' example and put others first. By serving those around us, we can positively impact the world and share God's love with others. Therefore, let us strive to have a Christlike servant attitude and focus on loving God and those around us.

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