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Noah and The Ark

Long ago, in ancient times,

When man was young and filled with crimes,

The world was full of wicked ways,

And goodness seemed to hide its rays.

Then Noah, a man of faith and might,

Saw through the darkness, shining bright,

And heard the voice of God on high,

Who told him of a flood drawing nigh.

"Build an ark of gopher wood,

Three hundred cubits long and good,

With rooms inside for every kind

Of living creature you can find."

So Noah toiled with hammer and nail,

And gathered beasts from hill and dale,

Two by two they came aboard,

board the ark, the great lifeboat.

The rain fell down in sheets and waves,

And all the world was lost in graves,

But Noah and his family safe, Inside the ark,

they rode the wave.

For forty days and forty nights,

They drifted on the seas of fright,

Until at last the waters stilled,

and Noah's faith had been fulfilled.

Then out they went to start anew,

The world reborn, fresh and true,

And Noah's ark, a symbol bright,

Of faith, of hope, of saving light.

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