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Modern-Day Examples of People with Entitlement.

Negative entitlement is a pervasive issue in today's society and can be observed in various contexts. Here are some modern-day examples of people exhibiting entitled behaviors:

1. **The Demanding Customer:**

- **Behavior:** Expecting immediate service, special discounts, or preferential treatment without consideration for other customers or store policies.

- **Example:** A customer at a coffee shop who berates the barista for not making their drink precisely to their liking demands a free replacement and a refund.

2. **The Office Bully:**

- **Behavior:** Believing they deserve more recognition, promotions, or leniency than their colleagues and often undermining others to get ahead.

- **Example:** An employee who consistently takes credit for team projects and becomes hostile when others receive praise or opportunities.

3. **The Entitled Driver:**

- **Behavior:** Ignoring traffic rules, cutting off other drivers, or parking in handicapped spots without justification.

**Example:** A driver who parks in a handicapped spot because they believe they won't be there long and don't want to walk far ignores the needs of those who genuinely require the space.

4. **The Spoiled Child:**

- **Behavior:** Throwing tantrums or becoming upset when not given what they want immediately, believing they should have whatever they desire.

- **Example:** A child who screams and cries in a store until their parents buy them the toy they demanded.

5. **The Helicopter Parent:**

- **Behavior:** Expecting special treatment for their child in educational or extracurricular settings, often interfering with teachers or coaches to ensure their child gets ahead.

- **Example:** A parent who insists their child should be the lead in a school play, regardless of the audition results, and pressures the director to change the casting.

6. **The Unappreciative Employee:**

- **Behavior:** Expecting raises, promotions, or perks without demonstrating the effort or results to merit such rewards.

- **Example:** An employee who does the bare minimum at work but demands a significant raise, believing they are indispensable.

7. **The Social Media Influencer:**

- **Behavior:** Expecting free products, services, or accommodations from businesses simply due to their follower count, often threatening negative reviews if their demands aren't met.

- **Example:** An influencer who contacts a hotel asking for a free stay in exchange for a review and lashes out publicly when the request is denied.

8. **The Privileged College Student:**

- **Behavior:** Expecting high grades, extensions on assignments, or special consideration from professors without putting in the corresponding effort.

- **Example:** A student who argues with a professor about their grades, insisting they deserve an A simply because they attended all classes.

9. **The Entitled Neighbor:**

- **Behavior:** Expecting neighbors to accommodate their preferences or lifestyle, often disregarding community rules or norms.

- **Example:** A neighbor who frequently hosts loud parties late at night, ignoring complaints and expecting others to tolerate the noise.

10. **The Self-Centered Friend:**

- **Behavior:** Expecting friends always to be available, supportive, and accommodating without reciprocating the same level of care or attention.

- **Example:** A friend who gets upset when others can't drop their plans to cater to their needs but rarely shows the same level of support in return.

### Conclusion

These examples illustrate how entitlement can manifest in various areas of modern life, often leading to conflict and dissatisfaction. Recognizing these behaviors is essential for fostering healthier relationships and communities. By promoting values like empathy, responsibility, and humility, we can counteract the adverse effects of entitlement.

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