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Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43

In fields of wheat and tares,

The Lord has sown His seed,

His Word, a light unto our path,

To guide us in our need.

But as the wheat began to grow,

The enemy drew near,

And in the night he sowed his seed,

To cause confusion and fear.

The wheat and tares grew side by side,

As time began to pass,

The workers asked, "What should we do?

Should we pull up the weeds at last?"

But the Master said, "Let them both grow,

Until the time is right,

Then gather all the tares up first,

And cast them out of sight."

For in the end, the wheat will stand,

And shine with brilliant light,

And all the tares, the enemy's work,

Will vanish from our sight.

So let us hold fast to the Word,

And walk in righteousness,

For Christ has sown His seed in us,

To bear eternal fruitfulness.

May His love be like the sunshine,

That warms our hearts each day,

And may we be like the wheat,

Growing strong in every way.

So let us trust in Jesus Christ,

And in His grace abide,

For He has sown His Word in us,

And we will surely thrive.

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