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How to Discern When The Lord is Speaking to You


One of the great privileges of being a child of God is the ability to hear His voice. As a Christian, the Lord communicates with us through His Word, Prayer, Dreams, Visions, and other People. However, some believers may find it challenging to differentiate The Lord's voice from their own. The question arises: How do we know when The Lord is speaking to us?

Searching through all Christian commentaries has given some insight into this question. In this lesson, we will look at some key scriptures and explore practical ways we can learn how to discern when The Lord is speaking to us.

Hearing God's Voice through the Bible

The Bible is God's Word, one of the primary ways He communicates with us. God's Word is the most reliable way to discern God's voice. The Bible contains scriptures that reveal God's heart, character, and plans for His people. By reading and meditating on the Bible, we can hear God's voice with clarity.

Hearing God's Voice through Prayer

Prayer is another way we can hear God's voice. When we pray, we speak to God; when we listen, we hear what He has to say. Prayer provides an opportunity to interact with God, which helps us build a closer relationship. The Holy Spirit enables us to hear from God during prayer.

Hearing God's Voice through Other People

God can also speak to us through other people. Sometimes, God uses the people around us to give us the answers we need to provide comfort, instruction, or guidance. We must, however, be cautious and test the source and message. God will never contradict Himself, and His Word (The Bible) is our ultimate guide.

Hearing God's Voice through Circumstances

God can also speak to us through circumstances. God's sovereign will affects all things, and the situations we face today result from His control over all things. He can use the events or incidents in our lives to communicate with us or to lead us in a particular direction. We must be discerning to see if these occurrences are from God.

Hearing God's Voice through Peace

The peace of God indicates that God is speaking to us. We make decisions confidently without feeling apprehensive or troubled when we are at peace. In Philippians 4:7, Paul describes the peace of God that surpasses all understanding and guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. When trying to discern God's voice, looking for God's confirmation in the form of peace is essential.


Hearing God's voice can be challenging. However, He speaks to us daily with the Bible, Prayer, Counsel of others, Circumstances, and the Peace of God. We can learn to discern God's voice through these means, and as we meditate on His Word, grow in intimacy with Him, and trust His leading, we become more confident in discerning His voice. Remember, The Lord is always willing to speak to us; all we need to do is listen.

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