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Guided by the Spirit: Lessons from Elijah and John the Baptist.


- Welcome and prayer

- **Question**: Have you ever felt like you were walking a path alone, unsure of the next steps but still confident you were on the right track?

- **Imagination**: Picture a lone hiker navigating a complex trail. All they have is a compass and an unshakable conviction that they're headed the right way. This is how Elijah and John the Baptist moved—led by the divine compass of the Spirit.

Point 1: Elijah - A Prophet in Troubled Times

- **Scripture: 1 Kings 18:12**

- **Breakdown**:

- Elijah stood up against King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.

- The Spirit of God guided Elijah, giving him the courage and wisdom to confront powerful adversaries.

- **Question**: How many of you have had to make a tough stand that could affect your future or your life?

- **Illustration**: Imagine being the sole voice against a corrupt government. You have no armies, no social media campaigns—just the Spirit of God guiding you. Would you dare to speak? This was Elijah's life.

Point 2: John the Baptist - Preparing the Way

- **Scripture: Luke 1:15**

- **Breakdown**:

- John was filled with the Holy Spirit before his birth, preparing him for a monumental role.

- His life and ministry were preordained to pave the way for Jesus.

- **Question**: Have you ever felt like your life has a higher purpose, something you were born to do?

- **Illustration**: Picture receiving a job appointment letter for a position that doesn’t begin for another 30 years. The letter details how you're uniquely equipped for this future role. This is how John the Baptist's life began: with a divine appointment, empowered by the Holy Spirit from the womb.

Point 3: Common Threads - The Empowering Spirit

- **Scripture: Luke 1:41**

- **Breakdown**:

- Both were filled with the Spirit, albeit in different covenantal settings.

- Their boldness to confront unrighteousness and call people to repentance was fueled by the Spirit.

- **Question**: In what areas of your life do you feel the need for divine guidance or boldness?

- **Illustration**: Think about GPS technology. In the past, it was a basic map and a compass—functional but required a lot of skill (akin to Elijah). Today, it’s real-time, turn-by-turn voice navigation (akin to John the Baptist). Both get you to the destination but in different ways. The Spirit's essence remains the same across ages; only the manifestation differs.


- **Summary**: Both Elijah and John the Baptist show us that when God appoints, He also anoints—with the Spirit.

- **Question**: So, where is the Spirit leading you today? What stands are you called to take? What paths are you meant to prepare?

Closing Prayer:

- A prayer that God will fill each person with the Holy Spirit, granting them the courage to confront, the wisdom to guide, and the boldness to declare His truth.

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