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Fruit For Thee But Not For Me: Beware Of The Forbidden Fruit.

Today, we gather around a message that resonates through the ages—a cautionary tale of vigilance and wisdom, a reminder to be alert to "Beware of the Forbidden Fruit." In strolling through the gardens of our lives, we are often enticed by the allure of what we perceive as sweet fruit, only to find that we have been deceived by a mirage of freedom that leads to bondage.


In the heart of our Spiritual orchard lies a truth as old as Eden and as relevant as the morning news: that not everything within our reach is meant for our consumption. Our topic, "Fruit For Thee But Not For Me" invites us to discern with humility and care, the path of righteousness in a world filled with forbidden fruits.

Modern Examples of Christian Persecution

In our contemporary society, we see numerous examples of how following Christ can come at a cost. Social media platforms, places of employment, and even legislative chambers can be battlegrounds where expressing one's Christian faith might lead to censorship, discrimination, or legal challenges. From afar, we hear of violence and threats, witnessing our brothers and sisters suffer for bearing the name of Christ. These trials are not merely trials of faith; they are calls to stand firm, rooted in the love of our Savior.

Scriptures on Persecution

Scripture encourages us, assuring us that persecution is neither strange nor unexpected. In Matthew 5:10-12, we are called blessed when we face persecution for righteousness' sake. Jesus Himself reminds us in John 15:18-20 that if the world hates us, it hated Him first, prompting us to stand steadfast in His love.

Furthermore, Paul's words in 2 Timothy 3:12 ring clear, "Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." And yet, there is a promise – a crown of life waiting, as Revelation 2:10 proclaims. Thus, while the trials are actual, so is our hope.

Application and Reflection

We are invited to reflect upon these trials, not with a Spirit of Fear but of power and love, aligning our modern struggles with the timeless teachings of the Bible. Such reflection fashions us into vessels of resilience and faith as we aim to emulate Christ, whose entire life epitomizes Grace amidst persecution.


In conclusion, I encourage you to cling to your faith, the truth of God's word, and the conviction we overcome in Christ. May we choose the eternal fruit of the Spirit each day over the fleeting allure of the forbidden.

In doing so, we honor our Lord and shine as bright beacons of His enduring love and promise - that no affliction is without purpose, no hardship without hope, and no persecution without the presence of our loving God.

And so, as we part, go forth with this encouragement embedded in your heart, and this resolve sharpened in your mind - to stand firm, to stand faithful, and to stand fulfilled in the love of Jesus.

Remember, the fruit worthy of our appetite is that which leads to everlasting life.

May God bless you all and keep you steadfast in His Eternal Grace.


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