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Drawbacks to having a Cashless Society.

Here are the negative points:

A cashless society could have some potential drawbacks:

1. Exclusion of individuals without access to digital means: A cashless society could exclude individuals who lack access to technology, the Internet, or bank accounts. These individuals may face difficulties in participating in the economy, leading to financial and social exclusion.

2. Security and privacy risks: A cashless society could lead to significant security and privacy risks, as all transactions are digitally tracked and recorded. Personal information could be vulnerable to hacking, identity theft, or misuse.

3. Dependency on technology: A cashless society could lead to excessive dependence, making individuals more vulnerable to system failures, cyber-attacks, or power outages.

Regarding a one-rule government:

1. Lack of representation: A one-rule government could exclude minority groups or individuals not in line with the ruling party's ideology or values.

2. Limited freedom: A one-rule government could impose strict rules and regulations, limiting individual freedoms and restricting political participation.

3. Lack of competition: A one-rule government could lead to a lack of competition, stifling innovation and limiting economic growth.

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