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Christian Rap - Two Commandments from the New Testament.

Yo, listen up, I'm here to preach, About two commandments that Jesus did teach, In the New Testament, they're written clear, And following them will bring you near.

First up, love God with all your heart, Your soul, your mind, and every part, He's the creator of all that we see, And giving Him our everything is the key.

Next, love your neighbor like yourself, Treat them kindly, with love and wealth, This commandment is just as great, And following it, we show our faith.

These two commandments intertwine, And in them, true love we'll find, As we seek to honor and obey, In every word and every way.

So let's put these commandments to the test, And live them out with all our best, For in them we find abundant life, And endless joy, free from all strife.

So let's rap it up and make it right, And follow these two commandments day and night, For in them, we find the greatest peace, And in them, our souls find sweet release.

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