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Choose to believe what God says about you or what others say.

In a world that's quick to label, to judge, to tear, Remember always, there is One who truly cares. Listen not to the whisperings of men, But to the voice of God, again and again.

He says, you're loved, more than you can fathom, Your worth measured not by earthly anthem. You're wonderfully made, a masterpiece divine, Created in His image, by design.

Fearfully and wonderfully, you are crafted, In the loving hands of the Master, you're drafted. More precious than rubies, more than gold, You're a story of His love, waiting to be told.

Do not be swayed by the world's fleeting lies, In God's truth and promises, your worth lies. You are forgiven, washed as white as snow, Grace and mercy from His hands do flow.

When the world calls you unfit or small, God says you're more than conquerors over all. With strength renewed, like eagles, you'll rise, In His perfect time, under His wise eyes.

Beloved, chosen, a royal priesthood indeed, You're a shining beacon, sown as God's seed. Remember, He formed you, in your mother's womb, Even in darkness, His love for you did bloom.

Hold fast to what the Lord about you declares, Trust in His Word, cast onto Him your cares. In the face of scorn, stand firm and unbowed, For you're a child of God, unique and proud.

When the world is quick to cast a stone, Remember, by His grace, you're never alone. Believe what God says about you, oh so true, For His vision of you, is different than their view.

In the end, His voice rings clear and loud, "I am with you always", a promise unavowed. Believe in His words, let His truth ring, You are loved, treasured, you're a child of the King.

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